This book is based closely on the new Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'O' Level Chemistry Syllabus and is structured as outlined in the syllabus. In the book, emphasis is placed on care for the environment and the world's diminishing resources, such as metal ores an fossil fuels, and the need for recycling and conservation. The socio-economic factors which affect the chemical industry and the importance of chemicals in everyday life are discussed Wherever possible, information is also provided in the form of diagrams, tables, c photographs harts or

The use of information technology (IT) as a study tool and as an aid to data capture and data analysis is emphasized in the book. In cach unit there are short, simple questions that assess the student's grasp of the topics. Think Science activities encourage the application of thinking skills. The Thinking Room allows the student to apply process skills and to think throu gh the problem in a logical sequence. Furthermore, to familiarize the student with the requirements of the GCE 'O' Level examination for Chemistry, there is a wide selection of multiple choice and structured questions. These are presented in the same style and at the same level of difficulty as those found in actual examination papers.

To help the student focus on specific learning objectives, cach unit begins with a short list of clearly stated objectives. "Quick Revision" exercises reinforce learning and ensure that the learning objectives are realized. Each unit closes with a Summary, which reiterates the most significant concepts and information and a "Concept Map", or visual organizer, which shows the relationships of the concepts.

The book has been carefully designed to allow for the infusion of the Ministry of Education's three initiatives, namely Thinking Skills, Information Technology and National Education. Whenever these initiatives appear, they are identified by the use of the following icons
-for applying thinking skills
-for applying information technology
-for National Education messages
Besides two practical books (Volume I and Volume 2) and one workbook, this book is supported by resources which can be found at the Publisher's website TIMES EDUCATION ONLINE

This indicates Internet connections (URLs) available at the materials that can be found at the site include Energy Resources in Singapore, Ac Greenhouse Effect, Fuel Cells, Ozone Depletion, The Cleaning of the Sngapore Riv Kallang Basin, pH of Soil, Hydrogen Fuel, Exhaust Emissions and Glue Sniffing and In Publisher's website. Examples of re River and Abuse
-Christopher N. Prescott

Cambridge O-Level Chemistry (5070) Coursebook by Christopher N. Prescott (3rd Edition)

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Cambridge O-Level Chemistry (5070) Coursebook by Christopher N. Prescott (3rd Edition)


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